Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something You Might Not Have Known About Owner Christie McCoy

Do you ever "google" yourself to just find what comes up? Today I was actually googling (is that a word?) some garden fountains for an upcoming wedding and by accident I put my name into the google search bar. Here is one of the top things that pulled up....
In just two years, Christie McCoy established herself as one of the top power hitters in NU history. McCoy slugged 17 homers during her All-America campaign in 1998, which ranks second in the Husker record book. She finished her career with 26 homers, which ranks seventh in Nebraska history, and a .642 slugging percentage, which ranks second on the Husker career charts. McCoy ranks seventh on the Husker all-time chart with a .332 batting average.

I always think it's fun to learn something about the person you are working with or for... now you know a little something about me too!

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