Monday, June 22, 2009

Partnership with Groff's Graphics

CLM Weddings is proud to have a partnership/affiliation with Heather Collins and Groff's Graphics of New York. Groff’s Graphics is a full service studio offering couture wedding invitations and accessories created with art and elegance. Each piece of stationery is created with great care and fully customizable for your special day. Our high quality graphics and paper are sure to make a lasting impression.

Groff's Grapics created all of our new "branding" -or- "logos" for our website, give gown, and blog. They created a "bride" in our business pink and black with and elegant scroll background to make the bride stand out. They also took a script and block font and designed our business name to be lined up next to the "bride" and scroll.

Heather at Groff's Graphics is one of the most professional, fun, creative and innovative people we have met in a long time. She takes custom inviations to a new level and creates a final product which will truthfully just blow your mind. We highly recommend Groff's Graphics for all of your custom printing needs. Not only does she do custom invitations but she is also doing bridesmaids cards, Save the Dates, Table Cards, Table Numbers and all other matching accessories for your Stationary needs.

One of our favorite inviations is called "The Rachel" and it was named after one of our brides. Here are some sample photos of Heather's custom invitations
For more information about Groffs Graphics, visit their website Groffs Graphics or their blog!


Anonymous said...

I found Groffs Graphics online at Etsy. Everything seemed like a great deal so I began arranging my invitation order in February for my August wedding. I paid a $500 deposit by April and did not receive proofs until JUNE, EVEN THOUGH I had emailed Heather multiple times. It took numerous phone calls (for which she told me she "was busy" and wasnt going to repeat herself because she felt I was wasting her time) and when we finally paid a Rush fee, I got the order delivered 3 weeks after I had originally told her I wanted the invitations. Also, 7 were printed upside down and 7 with the address on the flap for which she NEVER replaced.
DO NOT make the same mistake I made,! There is enough to worry about while planning a wedding, and a rude and unprofessional vendor is not one of them!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the previous post! I had the exact same experience with Heather. She was the single most awful person I have ever had the misfortune to know!! I should have questioned what I was about to get into when her emails were constantly misspelled and full of incorrect grammer. I literally thought I would be dealing with a foreigner, so imagine my surprise when an american answered the phone the first time we spoke. She is now know to my friends, family, and coworkers as the "illiterate wh*re" I also got my save the dates and invitations mailed to me late and she used the wrong excel spreadsheet to print my envelopes. I was told it would be at my cost for her to fix HER mistake!! She didn't even send me the correct number of invitations that I ordered and refused to refund me for the difference. Save yourself the time and money and don't work with this horrible, horrible vendor!!

By the way I can no longer find her website and her phone is no longer in service. I can only hope this means her terrible services have caught up to her and she went out of business!!