Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Groom's Cake

When someone mentions the groom’s cake, most people picture the gray Armadillo with red velvet cake from “Steel Magnolias”. The groom’s cake is a Southern tradition and is nearly as popular as the actual wedding cake. The groom's cake was originally called the wedding cake and the wedding cake was called the Bride's cake. The groom's cake was originally fruit cake with or without icing and it was not on display for the reception. History has it that it was cut up and put in small containers for guests to take home. It is said that if a single woman slept with the piece under her pillow she would dream of her future husband.

The beauty of the groom's cake is that it is totally different from the wedding cake. While the wedding cake is traditionally several tiers high, covered in fondant and topped with flowers or a cake topper, the groom's cake is a reflection of the groom's personality. Whether it be his favorite sports team or favorite candy, the more personal the better. The groom's cake is sometimes a gift from the bride to her groom and is kept a suprise until the prevail at the reception. The groom's cake is a place to get as creative as you feel like and make the groom shine.

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