Monday, February 9, 2009

Cake Toppers

You've picked your flavors, you've picked the style, now it's time to put your signature on the cake: the cake topper. The cake topper is perhaps one of the most recognized symbol of wedding. A miniature bride and groom holding hands or embraced in eachothers arms. The history of the wedding cake topper goes back to the medieval times when guest would bring stacked cakes to the wedding and if the couple was able to kiss over the top of the structure without knocking it over, they would be blessed with good marriage. Hence the "topper". The act of putting miniature figurines ontop of the cake dates back to the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840. The cake, which is rumored to have been nine feet in circumference and weigh 300 pounds, was topped with an ice sculpture of the Britannia surrounds by a bunch of cupids. Wanting to mimic the Queen, couples started creating their own ideas of Britannia's surround by cupids.

During the 1920s brides and grooms modeled their cake toppers after the popular Kewpie doll due to its angelic baby look modeled after Cupid. The Kewpie doll didn't last long, however, didn't last long. During the 1930s-1950s brides began dressing up their cake toppers with the fashions of the day. Bouffant skirts, mesh veils and grooms in military uniform quickly became popular.

Fast forward to the mondern day and cake toppers are no longer the cliche groom holding the bride or the couple holding hands. Couples are now adding their own personalities to their cake toppers. There are even companies that create cake toppers modeled after the couple right down to the color of their hair. In different regions of the country also have different takes on toppers. A couple who likes to fish might choose a topper with the bride holding a fishing rod and "hooking" the groom. A couple from farm country might choose a topper with either the bride or the groom lassoing one another. Or there is also the old joke of calling the bride "the old ball and chain" where the bride holds the key and the groom has a ball and chain strapped to his ankle.

Whatever your vision for your wedding, the cake topper is simply a small figure of you. If you want the traditional topper with the bride and groom embracing or whether you prefer a more unique topper, it's your day and you can choose whatever suits you best.

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