Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kiss ... Shake ... Give



Once the wedding day is finally here, the father of the bride realizes that he has a big part in the ceremony and that is to give his daughter away! All of a sudden the jitters become too much and he forgets what and when he is supposed to do everything! (oh no!) We have came up with a little chant to make the father's job a lot less stressful and it goes like this..."kiss, shake, give.....kiss, shake, give!" Everyone seems to have had fun chanting it throughout the day and by the time the father is walking down the isle he is confident and ready to give his beautiful daughter away on the most important day of her life, so if you are a father of the bride just remember "kiss, shake, give," it's that simple!

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Christie L. McCoy-Hjelm


Suzi Lighten said...

LOL! That's great... you're absolutely right! There are so many times that the father of the bride just forgets what to do. I'm cracking up over here, because I've just seen so many funny things happen during this moment. Great post! Kiss... shake...give. Love it!

Juliet Douglas said...

That's so cute! And it's also cute how the fathers get so nervous that he's confused by this simple task.

Olga Goddard said...

Christie, that's so fun & simple! Great post, amazing advice! Easy to remember!