Thursday, July 9, 2009

Carole Malony Lingerie

One of my good friends just sent me a link about a new high end designer of lingerie! The name of the designer is Carol Malony, please check out her website and beautiful lingerie!

Here is a little bit about Carol Malony (direct from her website) To watch a video of a behind the scenes splice from one of their photo shoots click here!!!

"In the beginning……
In the late 1970s, when Carol Malony began importing European lingerie for her chain of retail boutiques in the Los Angeles area, she was inspired to create her own line to rival the European brands she carried. Happily, she found her own fresh designs sold alongside the European imported labels. Carol maintains her passion for super sexy and elegant lingerie launching two new collections sure to thrill: Carol Malony Signature, and Haute by Carol Malony—Carol’s elite collection!

The collections……
Carol Malony Signature was designed with a singular goal: to bring sexy, stylish, exciting lingerie with European flair to the market at a good value.It’s sexy, it’s quality, and it’s collectible—Vive la Revolution!!!!
Haute by Carol Malony is for our customer who has a taste for luxurious, high fashion lingerie. Each style is meticulously nurtured, from the selection of fine French laces to the detailed craftsmanship. Often inspired by classic French lingerie, Haute by Carol Malony is delicate and refined but with a sassy attitude which gives it a fashionable edge.

Go Ahead, Want it……
Whether it is Carol Malony Signature or Haute by Carol Malony, we guarantee that our lingerie will have the “WOW” factor. When you see it in the store…….”WOW”, when you put it on your body…..”WOW” and when you wear it for lover…….”WOW”!!!!!!!!!! We believe in choice, we believe in embracing life without fear, we believe in being bold and unique, and we believe there is everything right about getting a little special attention.Our vision of the world is one of strong, independent women who own their femininity and sensuality, and who demand quality and inspiration everyday. We LOVE our collections. We get the “LOVE” butterflies from every item we produce. If we don’t get butterflies it’s back to the drawing board…

Because “LOVE” is what it’s all about!"

Thanks for reading!

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