Monday, March 16, 2009

Birds for Brides?

I came across this article this morning and found it to be inspiring, innovative and unique. There are some great ideas and ways to incorporate the newest trends of 2009.

Chocolate brown and robin's egg blue are out!! Yellow and green are in. Tall floral reception centerpieces are way too trendy, while short arrangements of fruit and plants are rising in popularity. Keeping track of the latest and greatest wedding trends can be tough for the average bride-to-be. You know what you like and you know what you can afford, but weighing that against what's "of-the-moment" can leave a bride second-guessing herself when it comes to her own personal wedding style. Still struggling with your overall wedding aesthetic? Check out our top four reception and decor ideas for '09.

Birds for Brides
Birds of a feather may flock together, but when it comes to brides, they're flocking to avian-inspired invitations, decor, and detailing. If you're planning an upscale event, consider a bridal bouquet that includes peacock or ostrich feathers, or hunt down some vintage birdcages to suspend over your reception space. Have your heart set on an intimate ceremony and reception? Add folksy elements like a bird's nest ring "pillow" or a handmade lovebirds cake topper.

Earthy Organic Elements
As the organic movement continues to grow, many brides are turning to gardens and forests for cool ideas and inspirations. Sure, fancy flowers and vases will always have their place, but why not make Mother Nature an honored guest at your reception table? Birch bark cake stands and coasters are starting to gain popularity, as are bright fruit towers, succulent plant centerpieces, and apothecary jars filled with moss and stones. Looking for a chic but cheap solution? Hit your local flea market and stock up on colorful vintage tins; then plant fresh herbs in them. Not only do they make funky centerpieces, they're also great fresh favors your guests are sure to love.

Fun Food Monogramming
We've seen them on runners, napkins, and cards, but couples are really looking for new ways to (literally) leave their mark! Monograms have become a hot wedding staple, but these days, brides are actually adding their stamp to dinner, drinks, and dessert. Planning a backyard barbecue? Buy a meat brand designed with your monogram and sear it into each entree. Looking for something a bit more upscale? Create monogrammed petits fours towers for dessert, or ask your caterer to hire a barista who can pour your monogram in the froth of guests' cappuccinos and lattes.

Great Guest Activities
It used to be that wedding guests were limited to eating, drinking, and dancing at the reception, but these days, brides and grooms are coming up with other cool and creative ways to keep their family and friends entertained. From silhouette and caricature sketches to tequila and beer tastings, the activity can be totally dependent on the bride and groom's personal interests or themed to fit the event itself (for example, a cigar rolling tutorial at a casual Miami Beach affair). Love the idea, but on a tight budget? Set up a Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit tournament tied to your wedding theme.

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