Saturday, February 28, 2009

Custom Wedding Invitations

Custom Wedding Invitations by Groff's Graphics!
"Every invitation is a piece of Art!"

We are always looking for hot styles and trends in our wedding industry. Some are inspired by celebrities while other trends are inspired by our clients. Custom invitations is one of the hot trends right now! Along with creating an immediate impact statement when your guests receive their invitation it also sets the standard and impression for the style of wedding they are going to attend.

While custom invitations can be more expensive they are also an immediate impact which defines the style and design of your wedding. We have found an invitation company who creates a beautiful custom invitation within your budget. Groff's_Graphics is an East Coast based company's who provides invitations "Above and Beyond" your imagination!

The owner, Heather, and her design team create each invitation by hand along with custom hand drawn directions cards and maps. Many of the cards have swarovski crystals and embellishments. One thing that really impressed us is that we sent them a photo of a wedding venue and within moments they had ideas for an invitation for one of our couples. They are unique, professional and customer service based!

For more information on Groff's_Graphics please click on the link!

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