Monday, January 19, 2009

Your Non Matching Bridal Party

This morning I was looking through the most recent wedding trends and I found this great blog called The Celebrity Wedding Blog! This is what they had to say:
There are bridezillas out there who would throw a fit if one of their bridesmaids dared to show up at their wedding with even a hair out of place, but if you’re a modern bride looking to achieve an elegant effect, you might want to ditch the notion that your bridal party should be smiling clones. While Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were the first celebrities to buck the trend when they stood up for their assistant in non-matching attire, first daughter, Jenna Bush took it a step further last year when she had celebrity bridal designer Lela Rose create not one, not two, but fourteen separate bridesmaid dresses in seven different colors for her Texas ranch wedding to Henry Hager.
The trend has already caught on with many non-celebrity brides who are expanding their multiple color palette to include their entire bridal party. J.Crew has become a favorite one-stop shopping spot for bridesmaids apparel in complementary colors and styles, as has perennial wedding dress favorite, Priscilla of Boston. Our advice: Don’t be afraid to buck tradition – especially if it means making your wedding feel fresh and modern (and your bridal party deliriously happy).

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